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About Us

"Live Green" "Go Green".

"Love and Respect Mother Earth"

"Food is passion... Food is love! People who share their food with you share their hearts

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Green Leaves
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Gokul Kitchen is a home-grown brand well-known for its authentic, fusion, vegetarian, plant-based cuisine with signature dishes from Southern and Northern India, as well as our own Malaysian favorites.

Our mission is to provide a fully dedicated meat-alternative option with a focus on plant-based alternatives, which will provide guests with new creations in a cozy ambiance filled with greenery.

Gokul Kitchen was born out of a deep love for cooking tasty dishes and a passion for experimenting, bringing out the best aromatic flavors of natural ingredients.

At Gokul Kitchen, our aim is to create an exquisite taste experience with vegetarian, vegan, and plant-based delicacies that will bring new meaning and great joy to your life."

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